Almost 20 years ago we founded the virtual motorsports team RaceCar.
Simracing enabled us to do motorsports without being millionaires.

  • 2001

    The Beginning

    Based on a fantasy team the founder Felix invented at the age of 12 for Grand Prix 2, RaceCar becomes a founding member of the first German offline league for Grand Prix 3 (GP3DL). Shortly afterwards we also compete in the Racingmag’s Hotlap Competition (HC).

  • 2001

    Fresh look

    Daniel joins the team shortly after the start of the GP3DL season. Daniel brings a fresh design and becomes responsible for much of the teams art direction over the years.

  • 2001


    The sporting breakthrough came with the first victory in Spa-Francorchamps. The first GP3DL season ended with a good fourth place in the team ranking.

  • 2001

    RaceCar Mirage

    For the Monaco Grand Prix in the Hotlap Competition a B-team is founded. RaceCarJunior, in which ironically the team owners drive, later becomes "RaceCar Mirage".

  • 2002

    Oh Canada

    With Ingmar Fieske RaceCar competing in the Canadian F1 Simracing League, RaceCar participates in its first international events. He wins most races in a superior manner.

  • 2002

    Grand Prix 3 off the stage

    With the end of the season the time of Grand Prix 3 and the GP3DL ends. RaceCar finishes in fifth place of the team ranking.

  • 2002

    Enter Grand Prix 4

    The German GP3DL becomes the International Grand Prix 4 Liga (GP4IL) and RaceCar takes the step. In addition, the "B-Team" Mirage competes in the 2nd league at the same time.

  • 2003


    The results in the first division of the GP4IL are stagnating. It is only enough for 5th place. Things go better in the Gold Cup of Racingmag: RaceCar wins the driver and team ranking for the first time.

  • 2004


    RaceCar is joining the F1 Simracing League. In the GP4IL we compete with three teams: RaceCar, RaceCar-Mirage and RaceCar-Eagles. The core team in League 1 remains at position 5, RaceCar-Mirage takes the runner-up title in the team ranking in League 2.

  • 2005

    Goodbye Grand Prix 4

    With the fifth season of GP4IL the great time of the offline leagues of ingenious Grand Prix simulations by MicroProse ends. We say goodbye with team rank 4 for RaceCar-Mirage in league 2 and rank 5 for RaceCar in league 1.

  • 2005

    RaceCar on Speedways

    RaceCar drives for the first time in the noodle pot. RaceCar competes with three drivers in the Simraceway League NASCAR,

  • 2009


    Together with the Cars and Tracks Development Project (CTDP) the comeback is successful. With four touring cars, co-developed by Daniel, RaceCar starts in the German Simracing Touring Car Championship (DSTM).

  • 2010

    Touring Cars

    After the end of the DSTM season RaceCar joins the ProRacer League using vehicles from the WTCC. Some podium places can be achieved.

  • 2011


    RaceCar is getting bigger again. In addition to the ProRacer WTCC we start in the DLM running with historic cars, and in the Endurancefactory using LMP2 vehicle as well as GTE vehicles.

  • 2011

    Monoposto Comeback

    Finally also the comeback with Monopostos. In the German Simracing Formula Championship (DSFM) RaceCar competes with three cars: Two RaceCars, one Mirage.

  • 2012

    More Touring Cars

    A second season in the DSTM comes with reduced engagement.

  • 2013

    GT Masters

    Daniel and Jens continued to run for RaceCar in the ROWE PRL GT-MASTERS with regular finishes in the points.

Who is RaceCar?

The team is a collaboration between Felix Schönhofen and Daniel Senff.

Felix Schönhofen is founder and over the years he started in several leagues for RaceCar himself. Furthermore he is the keeper of the grail for the RaceCar design.

Daniel Senff is the technical head of the team. He provided most of the art direction and implementation on the cars and websites.

Special thanks to all the great people who were or are part of RaceCar. Among them Ingmar Fieske, one of the very first drivers, Dennis Schmidt and Daniel Fredrich who made the fantastic RC-15, Jens and Mario Ruden, Andreas Neidhardt and so many more.